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     Jiangsu Sanxiao Group Co., Ltd, founded in 1989, is a large-scale private enterprise integrating Daily Accessories, Household Pesticides, Personal hygienic disposables, Package Printing, Real Estate, Logistics and Investment. Such national leaders as Hu Jintao, Zhu Rongji, Wu Guanzheng, Wei Jianxing, Hui Liangyu, etc. spoke highly of the group when they inspected the company and when they gave access to Board Chairman and Managers of the group.

Han Guoping, Board Chairman, constantly promotes the enterprise spirit of to be an upright person comes before to be an efficient employer and takes it the tenet of the enterprise that consumers’ dream is Sanxiao’s pursuit. Sanxiao toothbrush enjoyed a domestic market share as high as 50.6 per cent (Ac Nielson) and was sold in developed European and American markets. In July 2000, Sanxiao and Colgate, a Fortune 500, established a joint venture Colgate Sanxiao Co., Ltd. Sanxiao toothbrush gets on the highway into the international market ever since.

After that, the group pioneered in the production of household pesticides and personal care products. It developed Smileep mosquito coil, mosquito repellent liquid and pesticidal spray and invited the comic star Zhao Benshan to be the image representative of Smileep. The slogan that Smileep helps you sleep with smile is very popular in China. The products are quite welcome among consumers, creating great business opportunities to distributors. In September 2006, Smileep mosquito coil was assessed as China Top Brand product.

    Smilfree sanitary napkins and pantyliners, the core of personal care product, is represented by film star Zhao Wei. The commercial of Smilfree pads is broadcast in CCTV and provincial TV and gradually, the slogan that Smilfree makes me a happy woman is rooted in the minds of female consumers. Since its entry into the market, Smilfree sanitary napkins have been upgrading. Easy-to-pull sticker assist consumers to open the PE bag easily; blue ADL strengthens the absorption ability. The pads are favored by many females. New products are still keeping on emerging, for example sanitary napkins in plastic-box, paper-box, pantyliners with cent cotton topsheet, sanitary napkins with multifunctional ADL, etc.  A sound commodity marketing net has been set up in both urban and rural markets.

In the future, Jiangsu Sanxiao Group Co., Ltd is going to adhere to the strategy that Quality and Honesty is the utmost important as ever before, to give full play of its scale advantage and to achieve new breakthrough so as to bring health and happiness into thousands of families.


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