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Be careful when buying the mosquito-killing
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    Coiled Mosquito-repellent Incense is a home-used hygiene product for Insecticide, which is a pressing mixture of home-used pesticide, plant power, carbon power, adhesive material as well as essence.
  The National Quality Inspection Bureau conducted a spot inspection on the product quality of Coiled Mosquito-repellent Incense lately, among which 87 products manufactured by 87 enterprises were inspected, the enterprises are from 10 provinces or Municipalities directly under the Central Government including Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi and etc, the qualified rate of the sample inspection was 87.4%.The inspection was conducted towards 5 categories including the requirement of using drugscontinuous igniting time, effective component percentage, drug effect and label of the product. The inspection results indicate that the qualified rate of the products manufactured by large and middle-scales enterprises are 100%, the quality of the product are rather good. However, quality problems are existed among the products of certain small-scales enterprises, for instance, the requirement of using drug of certain product fails to meet the requirement; overuse on the pesticide in order to increase the pest killing effectFenobucarb is added into the product which is prohibited in law by the government for the cleavage product of Fenobucarb is poisonous.
When choosing the Coiled Mosquito-repellent Incensethe consumer should pay attention to the following: Coiled Mosquito-repellent Incense in bad quality have must rough surface, loose composition, easily to be broken. The ashes turn into black and thick when igniting it. During the process of unpacking and igniting, there’ll be a strong smell of camphor, which makes people dizzy if smell it for a long time. The mosquito still flies around after the Coiled Mosquito-repellent Incense ignites, and the ashes turn into the color of grey black. 
    Coiled Mosquito-repellent Incense in good quality is manufactured in a dedicate way, the color itself spreads evenly, strong in anti fracture forcethe igniting time lasts for 7 or 8 hours. When igniting the Mosquito-repellent Incense of good quality, the flame is yellow, the smoke turns into a light color of green and whiteThe smoke is not thick after igniting the Mosquito-repellent Incense, the fragrance smells naturally without feeling pungent. The ashes turns into a color of grey white, and the effect of killing the mosquito is strong.

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